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2023: How a Nigerian youth can be president

How feasible can it’s for a younger character to occupy the best political office in Nigeria, “president”. I preserve asking myself this query whenever I think about the 2023 presidential election that could hold 3 years from https://www.africanpolicy.com/ now. Will Nigerians queue again to opt for a new president which may possibly no longer be a young person?
It has glaringly end up a culture that handiest superior and old people can rule over Nigeria as president. But why should this be the case in a country where young human beings have the utmost gain to determine? The answer is very simple, the youths have not picked a president. You may additionally need to ask why we haven’t picked a president even if we’ve got the numbers, I will want to study two foremost motives which are; unseriousness and disunity.

One main trouble of Nigeria today is the unseriousness of many young Nigerians towards partisan politics or choice making in the usa. They continually inform you that they may be not politicians and that they do not want to be. But a lot of them fail to comprehend that politics isn’t always supposed for politicians alone as Nigeria is ruled by using politics.
Majority of the important thing choices made for Nigeria are made by using politicians and whilst this politicians do no longer have the hundreds at heart, they generally tend to make choices so that it will first fit their hobby earlier than the state, and when this occurs, maximum times, younger Nigerians suffer the maximum.
Nevertheless, there are nonetheless a few critical minded younger Nigerians with interest in partisan politics, management and selection making, But we nonetheless need more of these kind to achieve the purpose due to the fact young Nigerians who are interested in politics when compared to the unwilling can be worrisome. If best young Nigerians can put aside misplaced priorities and face the actual troubles, then we are able to start.

Many younger Nigerians do no longer find it crucial to demand for duty and justice, they do now not take high quality steps to ensure that Nigeria works for all such as them. They are not interested in taking mass action in opposition to folks that they claim were at the back of the travails of the u . S .. They sit down and watch the entirety play out the manner the ones in energy want it to be and handiest grumble for a while, after which they keep quiet. Even if you try and create a platform to tackle these problems, only few youths flip up to join the motion for a new Nigeria. As younger Nigerians we are able to in no way get things carried out until we end up very serious. But how will we come to be very critical while we are not even united.

Together we stand and divided we fall, they are saying. Unity is very key in the route of selecting a President and this is why we have not been able to accomplish that. There’s absolute confidence that political celebration affiliation has created disunity amongst Young Nigerians due to the fact the few who have proven interest in politics obviously belong to distinctive political parties. But even within the political parties we belong, there are very certified and equipped youths who can deliver if given the mandate. So, what’s stopping the youths from projecting such human beings of their political structures? Why can’t the youths in a political party come together and pick a young aspirant from the celebration as their favored preference? Why can’t they paintings to make certain that they turn out to be delegates to take part inside the primary election of the birthday party as this can enable them to have the credibility to solid their vote for the preferred aspirant who they want to fly the parties flag within the trendy election?

The youths who belong to political events have always folded their arms and watched the old political gladiators decide who becomes the presidential candidate in their birthday party and all they do is to clamor on marketing campaign grounds and die for them throughout the election. Only only a few youths are even considered inside the campaign committee of these parties. When this is all that takes place, we will never have a young presidential candidate in political events where elders additionally have hobby.
At times, when younger folks who are ready to lead determine to step up, the folks that commonly discredit them also are young people working for for the political barons. Imagine a youth combating his younger counterpart, no longer for the hobby of the u . S . Or youths, but for the hobby of elders, isn’t that disheartening? But this is how it has usually been and till we drop this kind of politics and come collectively, we may additionally by no means choose a president.
Permutations have started out for 2023 presidency and the only names we maintain listening to are that of the vintage political barons, even in case you ask a young individual who he wants to be the following president of Nigeria, he’ll rarely name the name of a younger Nigerian because young Nigerians have no longer determined to choose a President. We are always waiting to marketing campaign for the applicants with a purpose to be compelled upon us through elders and barons.

Most instances, even if young presidential candidates emerge from smaller parties, young Nigerians do now not throw their weight behind them due to the fact we experience the power nevertheless lies in the hands of the antique barons who’ve the economic strength, forgetting that we’ve the numbers and simplest harmony could make it paintings.
Some youths are actually very happy with the category of which they’ve been positioned. Political barons now see younger people in politics as social media factors and not anything but that. Instead of young Nigerians in politics to apply social media to foster their hobby, they now see the distance as a platform to abuse their opposite numbers, whilst the antique politicians are in peace with themselves. Until we put an stop to this, we can’t select a president.
While each person can’t belong to political parties, those in political parties need to make sure they venture younger presidential candidates with the qualification and competence to lead. Those who do now not belong to political events must also make certain they get concerned by going out to vote for a young, in a position and eligible presidential candidate on election day. If younger Nigerians can be critical and united, we will pick out a president.
Tobin writes from Port Harcourt, Rivers country

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